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10 Aromatherapy Oils That Can Help Open Your Mind To Enlightenment

By Dr. Christina Stevens
Updated March 18, 2015

Aromatherapy, or the process of breathing in therapeutic plant oil extracts to strengthen mental functioning, is often very useful in the practice of achieving enlightenment.

Aromatherapy oils whether inhaled directly or using a diffuser, can help to ease a number of conditions that inhibit enlightenment, including anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.

Each oil has its own benefits regarding promoting the mental clarity and focus necessary to live an enlightened, present and fully aware existence. Try using the following 10 oils as a supplement to meditation, choosing the ones that target your specific roadblocks.

1. Peppermint

  • Relieves headaches
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves mental focus

When breathed in, peppermint oil has been shown to treat mental fatigue, a state of mind that clouds your path to enlightenment. Try this aromatherapy oil if you wish to sharpen your memory and stay alert during meditation as well. Peppermint oil is also useful for reducing tension headaches due to its menthol content.

2. Frankincense

  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stress

Possessing an earthy and warm aroma, frankincense oil can calm, center and relax you as you embark on enlightenment exercises. This essential oil is also popular among aromatherapy practitioners because it is believed to enhance spirituality. Try using frankincense oil to open up the spiritual enlightenment pathways of your mind while maintaining your connection to human existence.

3. Basil

  • Stimulates the thought process
  • Relieves from stress
  • Improves the mood

Like peppermint, basil oil has also been studied for its benefits regarding alleviating mental exhaustion. If you are seeking to increase your focus and stimulate your thought process while on your enlightenment journey, then basil is a good aromatherapy choice. Consider blending basil with other oils to temper its rather strong scent profile.

4. Sandalwood

  • Relaxes nerves and muscles
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Induces relaxation

When used in aromatherapy, sandalwood is effective in helping enlightenment to progress in several ways. Add this versatile oil to a diffuser in order to lift depression and stress, ground yourself and bring about feelings of calmness and peace. This oil is ideal for use in an aromatherapy blend as a base note.

5) Helichrysum

  • Sedates anxiety and fear
  • Strengthens the nervous system

Helichrysum shares properties with a few other aromatherapy oils used to enhance enlightenment. Like frankincense, helichrysum is associated with mental connections to spirituality. This essential oil is also similar to peppermint and basil in its ability to target psychological fatigue. Blend helichrysum with complimentary oils if you desire an extra boost toward achieving enlightenment.

6. Spanish Sage

  • Increases mental clarity
  • Stimulates the nervous system

A study on Spanish sage examined the oil’s effectiveness in improving mood, memory performance, attention span and alertness, all of which are conducive to a healthy, optimally functioning, enlightenment-compatible brain. In aromatherapy oil, Spanish sage is also beneficial in easing anxiety. Be aware that this aromatherapy oil is not advised for use during pregnancy.

7. Patchouli

  • Reducing the signs of insomnia
  • Regulates the endocrinal secretions of hormones
  • Helps stay more alert and active

Commonly used as a meditation aid, patchouli essential oil works well in helping you to center and stay calm. Patchouli is a base that enhances many diffused oil combinations. Utilize this oil on its own or in an aromatic blend to reduce stress and fatigue so that you can better concentrate on enlightenment activities.

8. Lavender

  • Induces sleep
  • Has a relaxing impact
  • Treats nervous tension and emotional stress

Widely enjoyed for its appealing floral aroma, lavender oil is quite versatile in terms of aiding your enlightenment process. This aromatherapy oil can help to maximize your mental clarity by regulating sleep, alleviating stress and encouraging a calm and sedate mood. In a study, lavender oil showed promise in treating anxiety disorder when given orally.

9. Vetiver

  • Sedates nervous irritations and outbursts
  • Decreases restlessness and nervousness
  • Gives strength and boosts immune function

Used in chakra work, prayer and meditation, vetiver oil promotes a soothing, balanced and calming emotional state which is vital to achieve when you are practicing enlightenment. Try vetiver oil if you are experiencing emotional fluctuations involving anxiety, anger or exhaustion. Dilute this aromatherapy oil with other types, as it is intense on its own.

Pin It 10. Ylang-ylang

  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Provides relief from stress and anxiety
  • Helps those suffering from insomnia and fatigue

Studied in conjunction with peppermint oil, ylang-ylang was found to affect participants’ moods in a calming manner. This sweet and fragrant aromatherapy oil can prepare you for enlightenment exercises by reducing stress and inviting feelings of joy and gratitude. Blend this oil well so that its concentration is on the low side; this reduces the risk of headaches.

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By Dr. Christina Stevens
Dr Christina Stevens is a human dynamo who is passionate about spreading the word on alternative and complementary medicine. For the past two decades, she has been on a mission to help people reclaim their lives and their health using a wide range of alternative therapies. She has also had the privilege of being featured on TV shows in Canada and the U.S., and writes for many alternative therapy publications. “I want people to realize that any disease can be reversed using alternative treatments. My treatments and advice is based on verifiable results from clinical studies, ensuring my patients find real relief that provides them with healing and resolution of their health problems.”

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