The Journey of Overcoming

Changing deeply rooted limiting beliefs isn’t a one-time event but an ongoing journey. As we encounter new situations, challenges, and life stages, old beliefs can resurface, or new limiting beliefs can emerge.

The Ongoing Nature of Growth:

  • Layers of Belief: Just as an onion has many layers, our beliefs often do too. Overcoming one layer might reveal another, deeper belief that also needs addressing.
  • External Influences: Societal pressures, peers, and changing circumstances can reintroduce or create new limiting beliefs.
  • Embrace the Journey: Recognize that personal growth is a continuous process, and the goal is progress, not perfection.

Regular Self-Check-ins

Periodic self-reflection is vital to ensure that you remain on your desired path and that old limiting beliefs don’t creep back in.

Benefits of Self-Check-ins:

  • Awareness: Regularly examining your beliefs and thought patterns keeps you aware of any changes or regressions.
  • Course Correction: By catching a re-emerging limiting belief early, you can address it before it becomes deeply rooted again.
  • Celebrating Growth: Check-ins also provide an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the progress made.

Practical Example

The Entrepreneur’s Journey:
Alex, an entrepreneur, once doubted their abilities due to past failures. These beliefs held them back from taking risks and pursuing bigger opportunities. After a dedicated effort to challenge and change these beliefs, Alex now not only believes in their capabilities but also in their potential for growth. To ensure that old doubts don’t creep back in, especially during challenging times, Alex has set a routine. At the end of every month, Alex reviews their actions, decisions, and any emergent beliefs to ensure alignment with growth-oriented goals. This practice has allowed Alex to catch and correct any negative thoughts before they become ingrained beliefs.

Actionable Strategy

Monthly “Belief Check-in” Activity:

  • Set a Date: Choose a specific date each month dedicated to your belief check-in.
  • Reflect on the Past Month: Write down any limiting beliefs you’ve noticed. Were they new, or were they old ones resurfacing?
  • Challenge and Replace: For each identified belief, challenge it. Write down evidence that contradicts it and craft an empowering belief to replace it.
  • Celebrate Wins: Note down moments where you acted from a place of empowering belief and celebrate those wins.

Having a structured time each month dedicated to examining and challenging your beliefs ensures that you stay on a path of continuous growth and self-improvement.

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