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3 Ways To Break Down Resistance Using EFT Tapping

By Dawson Church
Updated April 23, 2015

When we use the Law of Attraction to envision a big goal, like being with our ideal partner or doing work aligned with our values, it can seem like a huge challenge.

We get clear about our goals, craft our affirmations, visualize, and act “as if.” Yet often we aren’t able to manifest what we desire. Why is that?

One reason is that we’ve bitten off too big a chunk. Sure, my #1 goal is to live a leisure lifestyle, but I can’t go from here to there in the blink of an eye. When you try and leap from the bottom to the top of the mountain in a single jump, you usually fail.

Try it many times, and you develop a pattern of failure. You then might look back at that track record of failure and decide that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

1. Plant A Marker

Pick an easily achievable aspect of your dream, and practice that.

For me, one of the aspects of living a leisure lifestyle is to go for a walk on the beach each day. I live too far from the ocean to accomplish that regularly, but whenever I find myself traveling close to the ocean, I make time to take that walk on the beach.

Recently I was teaching a live EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) workshop in Los Angeles and I noticed that the LA airport was right close to the water, and so was the hotel. So I got up early each morning to walk on the beach. I had to set up the room and meet with my team at 7 am, so it took some planning, but I was able to walk on the beach every day.

Is that the 100% fulfillment of my dream? No.

Is it accomplishing a small part? Yes.

Like a seed, that small practice plants a marker in the universe, and it eventually grows into a tall tree. But unless you plant the seed, the gap between you and the tree is always enormous, and seems hard to manifest.

So plant a marker for your dream, even if it isn’t the whole manifestation here and now.

If your dream to run a large website, write down the navigation menu titles for the home page.
If your dream is your ideal partner, buy a relationship book and put it on your altar where you can see it every day.
If your dream is a base of 100 clients, pick an avatar of your ideal client and make it the default screen saver on your wireless mobile device.

All these are markers: small signals that tell the Universe “I’m ready to manifest my dream.”

2. Surround Yourself With Visual Cues

Visual cues are images that remind you of your dream. If you place them where you can’t help seeing them every day, they keep your dream alive, and don’t let you forget about it.

One of my visual cues is a photo of me and my wife dancing on the beach. It’s on a big vision board that hangs opposite our bed, so it’s the first thing we see every morning.

My friend Jack Canfield uses the basic technology of 3×5” flash cards, and he shuffles and reads his every morning, to keep his vision right in front of his eyes.

I teach an online weight loss class, and I have participants tape their weight loss goals, on a piece of paper, to their refrigerator. But that’s not even close to enough. I have them put another copy IN the refrigerator. And another in the freezer. And another taped to the dash board of their car. Another in their purse. One in their grocery cart.

It sounds silly, but when they can’t avoid seeing their goals several times a day, they tend to remember them, and lose weight.

So print out a powerful visual image of your Law of Attraction goal, and place it where you can’t avoid seeing it every day. My favorite way to get images is to do a Google web search, then click “images.” That will give you hundreds of images from which to select. Pick the one that resonates most strongly with you, print out multiple copies.

3. Release Your Resistance Every Single Day

When you formulate a vision or a goal, part of your psyche definitely wants that. But there are other parts of your psyche that might be ambivalent or downright hostile to your goals. These shadows often sabotage our goals.

Weight loss is a good example. Since we all know the health benefits of a healthy weight, why are 2/3 of us are obese or overweight?

The reason is that we’re complex beings with many different voices that combine to form our psyche. One voice wants to lose weight. But another part might be screaming, “What about my comfort foods! No way I’m giving those up.” These inner conflicts become more intense the stronger and higher our goals become.

The fastest way I’ve found to release resistance is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which combines acupressure (fingertip pressure on acupuncture points) with affirmations.

When you tune in to an affirmation, notice any uncomfortable physical sensations that arise. These are guides to resistant inner voices. Use EFT on these, and the resistance often melts away. The average weight loss in our 6 week class is 12 lb., and they keep on dropping pounds even after the class ends.

Another common dream is a loving relationship, yet very few people achieve this. We have all kinds of conditioning we’ve picked up from society and our parents that stands between us and our dream. Unless we use EFT to release those patterns, we will keep repeating them with every new relationship, despite our LOA aspirations.

I release my resistance to my goals every single morning. A scientific study our our online relationship course *Tapping Deep Intimacy‘ found that it reduces anxiety by 37%, and that relationship satisfaction improves but 26%. That’s what happens when you release resistance.

00146-3-Ways-To-Break-Down-Resistance-Using-EFT-Tapping-pin EFT and the Law of Attraction are a *phenomenal combination when used together. So get clear on your highest aspirations, and engage the full power of the Law of Attraction in manifesting them. Use EFT to erase your resistance, and you’ll unlock the full power of all the parts of your psyche.

They’ll all be aligned, you’ll be congruent, and your whole self will move together toward your dreams in concert with the power of the Universe!

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By Dawson Church
Dawson Church, PhD, an award-winning author of best-selling book 'The Genie in Your Genes' that was hailed as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. His groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious scientific journals as a result of Founding the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare. Dawson Church shares how to apply these breakthroughs to health and athletic performance through EFT tapping.

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