About Us & What We Stand For

PersonalGrowth.com, is a platform developed by Greater Minds. We understand that the path to personal growth is as unique as the individual embarking on it. Our curated platform is your ally whether you are honing personal skills, nurturing relationships, or advancing in your career. Our initiative is a reflection of the Greater Minds' and enduring commitment to fostering a culture of continuous self-improvement and enlightenment among individuals and corporations globally.

We have curated a unique platform that transcends traditional learning boundaries. Our essence is derived from the ethos of providing compact, yet profound learning experiences that seamlessly blend with the demanding pace of life.

Our Unique Proposition:

This platform presents a modern approach to self-improvement and personal growth. We've innovatively condensed expansive learning materials into digestible bite-sized courses and succinct book summaries, crafted meticulously for the time-pressed individual and the forward-thinking organization. Our offerings provide a streamlined learning experience, enabling you to delve into a plethora of knowledge and insights, and the constraints of time. This distinctive proposition ensures that your pursuit of personal and professional growth aligns harmoniously with the demanding rhythm of contemporary life.

Our platform is not merely a repository of knowledge, but a vibrant ecosystem that encourages interaction, collaboration, and shared growth. Here, every engagement is an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to a collective journey towards excellence.

Personal Growth For Business:

We extend a warm welcome to corporate entities who want to infuse a vibrant culture of self-development and continuous learning within their organization. Our platform is not merely a repository of courses and summaries but a gateway to fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and professional excellence. With offerings fine-tuned to the rhythm of modern corporate dynamics, we extend an invitation to organizations seeking a fusion of self-driven learning and structured development. Engage with us and discover a partnership geared towards nurturing a haven of growth, innovation, and enriched professional dialogue within your organization.

Reach out to us and discover a plethora of opportunities designed to propel you and your organization towards a horizon of unbounded growth and success.

About The Founders:

Founded by Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten of Greater Minds, the seasoned entrepreneurs with over two decades of experience have successfully created, built and sold businesses in the personal development industry. They have significantly contributed to evolving the landscape of self-improvement and professional development over the years.

Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten, the founders

Their journey, marked by innovative ventures and a relentless pursuit of fostering personal and professional growth, led to the inception of PersonalGrowth.com. This platform is a testament to their expertise, dedication, and deep-seated belief in the transformative power of continuous learning.

Andrew and Paul’s professional synergy and shared vision have propelled PersonalGrowth.com to the forefront of the personal development sphere, creating a ripple effect of positive change and empowerment for individuals and organizations alike. Their leadership and partnership continues to be the driving force behind the mission, embodying a commitment to nurturing a culture of excellence and self-enhancement.

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