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9 Ways Honey Can Improve And Extend Your Life

By Catherine Gordon
Updated January 8, 2015

Honey is a natural sweetener that can be added to teas and breakfasts to make them instantly more delicious. However, it doesn’t just taste good; it also has dozens of different properties that make it great for your body.

Here are nine of the most exciting and important ways in which honey can improve and extend your life.

1) It Can Help To Treat A Bad Cough

If you’re suffering from a cold, flu or chest infection, a persistent and uncomfortable cough may be the most obvious symptom. Studies comparing buckwheat honey to cough suppressants suggest that taking honey on a daily basis may be more effective. However, it is worth noting that honey is not an appropriate cough remedy for young children, as infants under one year old have been known to suffer from breathing problems as a result of the bacteria found in honey.

2) It Could Help Those Who Struggle With Allergies

If you suffer from red eyes and an itchy nose in spring, locally sourced honey could be the answer to your prayers! The rationale behind this allergy remedy is that local honey will contain a tiny proportion of the foliage that grows in your area. At this low level of exposure, your body may develop a less extreme response to the pollen. Controlled studies have confirmed that people taking honey experience a reduced level of eye irritation.

3) It Boosts Immune System Function

Recent clinical trials suggest that honey has a few different properties that connect it to improved immune system function. For one thing, honey seems to protect white blood cells during high fevers. In addition, it may actually increase white blood cell production, and this could improve your body’s ability to fight invading pathogens. It is also worth noting that there is some evidence that honey can help your blood to clot properly when you are wounded.

4) It Could Reduce Your Chances Of Suffering From Cancer

Raw (or unprocessed) honey may have some powerful anticarcinogenic properties. More specifically, it contains phytonutrients that seem to afford the body a degree of protection against the development of malignant tumors. For example, one group of scientists investigated the influence of consuming a daily serving of honey and found that it boosts the proportion of antioxidants in the blood, and some cancer researchers believe that antioxidants protect your cells against the type of damage that could lead to cancer. For those who are particularly concerned about digestive health, it is also interesting to note that animal testing suggests that these phytonutrients in honey can inhibit enzymes that might otherwise encourage malignant growths in the colon.

5) It Can Give You More Energy

The next time you encounter an energy slump in the afternoon, consider reaching for a jar of honey instead of a cup of coffee. Honey contains invert sugar that provides your body with a quick, effective energy boost that enhances concentration. A spoonful or two can go a long way.

6) It Can Be Used To Treat Wounds

Honey is a traditional remedy for cuts, grazes and burns, and scientific research supports the claim that honey reduces the chances of wound infection. It has been discovered that honey is a natural antiseptic, and that it can even help wounds to heal at a faster rate. For example, one fascinating study found that 90% of those who treated minor burns with honey remained free of infection. It is currently hypothesized that this honey’s healing properties come from certain enzymes that produce an antiseptic when they encounter water, but it is also possible that the sugars in honey will limit the amount of moisturizer available to sustain the breeding processes of bacteria.

7) It Supports Heart Health

The flavonoids in honey are linked to a lower likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, and may even reduce your risk of having a stroke.

8) It May Help You To Lose Weight

You might think that you should stay away from honey if you want to lose weight, but the good news is that this sweet treat can stay in your diet if you consume it in moderate amounts. If you add honey to your tea or breakfast cereal (instead of sugar), studies suggest that you will be less likely to gain excess weight and more likely to maintain a healthy proportion of body fat.

Pin It 9) It Can Be Used As A Skin Treatment

Honey can be a life-saver for people who suffer from sensitive skin. If your face is feeling red and sore, get hold of a face mask that contains honey as a key ingredient, as it is likely to calm this redness within a couple of hours.

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Katherine Hurst
By Catherine Gordon
Catherine Gordon (PhD) has a background teaching and researching analytic philosophy. She is also a practising therapist who works with individuals and couples on issues relating to relationship difficulties, emotional well-being and self-improvement.

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