Join the Personal Growth Pinterest Group Board

This is an invitation to join our Personal Growth Pinterest group board, where our intention is to share and shine light across this planet and touch as many lives as possible.

You will notice that we have a number of boards on the Personal Growth Pinterest page, where we already pin every single article that is published on However, we feel that the best way to spread our message and to let you spread your message too, is by collaborating and sharing the best of the very best personal development content available.

So we created this group board, where you’re allowed to pin too.

You are able to post a range of content to this group board – it could be about meditation, life hacks, energy boosting smoothie recipes, relationship advice, anything…. it doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s related to the purpose of helping people to grow and become their greatest version of themselves.

In the interest of making the Personal Growth Pinterest group board a great and valuable resource, here are a few…

Group Board Rules

  • No self promotional pins – they will be deleted.
  • Tag @personalgrow in your pins – We would love to see your links and photos of your inspirations and motivations but we ask that you please only pin content that you’ve found elsewhere. We will not be spamming you with pins to our site, that’s not what this is about.
  • See a pin in the group board that you like? Then please ‘Like’ it or ‘comment’. Seeing pins with likes and comments let us all know what is great and popular content – not to mention that this could help someone or even you discover a tiny breakthrough that could make a huge positive impact.
  • Think someone you know will find a particular pin interesting? Then why not tag them in the comments box? They will be grateful you did.

And one last thing…

Pinterest does not yet allow open boards so if you want to join our group board you first need to request access so that we can add you individually.

It’s very easy and this is the 3-step process:

  1. Either comment below, message us on Facebook or Tweet us with your Pinterest URL.
  2. We will follow your Pinterest URL.
  3. We add you to the group board and you can begin pinning.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you pinning on the board soon!

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