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4 Creative Solutions For Using Stress To Your Benefit

By Bridget Webber
Updated February 5, 2015

Stress is part of everyday life; it’s a phenomenon we can’t seem to live without. According to “Psychology Today,” stress is the reaction to stimuli that affects our physical and mental equilibrium.
The severity and effect of stress depend upon the level and the reaction one makes upon realizing it’s there.

Stress can lead to positive or negative outcomes, and when used properly, meaningful stress leads to creating solutions and finding ways out of difficult situations. It is important that you learn how to handle and manage stress.

Despite the adverse effects stress has, it is possible to maintain manageable levels of sensation and, where possible, make solutions out of the problems at hand.

The key to using stress to your benefit is to learn how to manage it effectively. Once you are able to get your tension levels under control, you can then begin to utilize the physical and emotional reactions of stress to your benefit.

One of the best ways to get a handle on your stress is to get active, and physical activity can refer to taking a simple evening walk, a work out at the gym, or a soothing yoga session. So, how does getting active to manage your stress work to your advantage, not to mention the three other tips I’m going to discuss? Keep reading.

1. Let Your Stress Motivate Your Workout

Physical activity helps to rectify the hormonal imbalance in the body that is caused by stress. Another benefit is sweating, which is the result of increased blood flow. Sweating helps remove excessive salts and other impurities from your system.

As you work out, your exercise aids in shifting your attention from your stress to good health. This not only addresses any weight or other health concerns you might have, but also channels your stress in a positive way to get you back on a healthy track.

2. Stress Can Fuel Your Potential

We all have something that we thoroughly enjoy doing. Whether that is cooking, playing music, hitting the golf course, or binge watching the latest TV show, engaging in activities you enjoy helps ease stress. But what if you took that hobby and turned it into something more?

Some individuals are often stressed because of they are stuck being a person they are not. Perhaps you are stressed because you are in a dead-end job and dream of running your own wedding cake business. What’s stopping you?

Channel your stress into designing and baking wedding cakes during your free time. Not only will you be doing something you enjoy, which will relieve some of your stress, but you might also turn your hobby into your dream career.

3. Use Stress To Your Communicative Advantage

If you are under too much stress, you are less likely to communicate well with others. In most cases, this is a bad thing, but if the source of your stress needs a good talking to – so to speak – you can use your stress to your advantage.

This isn’t a license to go postal; it’s never a good idea to scream, yell, or even vent when you’re trying to get a point across, but addressing the source of your stress effectively will alleviate the tension.

Breathe slowly in and out to calm your nerves and use your emotional intelligence to assess the situation and act in a manner that will best accommodate resolution. Speak calmly to the person who is stressing you out, explaining the actions that are causing the stress, and allow the person to communicate with you.

You just might be surprised how quickly communication will result in resolution and reduction of your stress.

4. Use Stress To Overcome Your Failures

Failure is one of the major stress inducers you will face in your life. How you handle failure, however, will either cause further damage or result in a better approach to avoid future failures.

Pin It For example, if you are currently head of an intense project at work and have missed your deadline because you caved under the pressure, you’ve not only angered yourself, you’ve likely also angered your boss. Rather than failing a second time, use the stress in this situation to your advantage.

Determine why you failed, the stressors to which you succumbed, and discuss them thoroughly with your boss. The two of you can come up with a game plan to reduce your stress and ensure the project’s success. Do I see a promotion in someone’s future?


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By Bridget Webber
Bridget Webber's background rests in mental health, counseling, hypnotherapy, NLP and art. She brings knowledge from her experiences into her writing and specializes in emotional wellness and the creation of, rather than search for, joy.

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