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6 Ways That Sound Therapy Affects Your State Of Mind

By John Coulson
Updated February 4, 2015

Sound therapy is becoming more known in the modern world and recognized as a solution to improving the state of mind and offering healing benefits. You may experience healing tones by listening to the sound of the ocean. Alternatively, listening to Vivaldi’s music or brainwave entrainment could help you feel wonderful.

Here are 6 ways that sound therapy can help change your state of mind.

1) Nature’s Healing Frequencies

Some of the most therapeutic sounds can be found in nature. Running water, whether stemming from raindrops splashing on rooftops or waterfalls can be soothing to experience. The effect produced is often referred to as white noise, which can be manufactured and listened to via audios. However, simply opening the window and listening to torrential rain can do the trick just as easily.

The sounds that some animals, insects and birds make can also be pleasing. Crickets chirping, cats purring and birds singing create vibrational frequencies that are calming. Indeed, white noise and many other sounds found in nature are able to alter your mindset because they change your brainwaves.

If you are stressed or lethargic, go for a walk in the countryside, sit in your garden, or spend time near a babbling brook, as the sounds that you hear will create a tranquil mental state.

2) Brainwave Entrainment

This is designed to change a listener’s mental state by helping their brain waves tune into specific frequencies. For instance, if you wanted to be focused and alert, you would listen to entrainment that produces beta waves. Alternatively, if you wanted to be more creative, you would listen to alpha-wave entrainment.

3) Music

Studies show that unborn babies in the womb prefer gentle classical music such as that produced by Vivaldi. However, the sound or vibration of rock music is not pleasing to their ears. Interestingly, research showed that plants withered and died when they were played rock music frequently, and rats chose to move to a box where classical music was played instead of remaining in a box listening to rock music. It would seem that nature automatically favors a specific type of sound and responds negatively to others.

Certain musical frequencies, just like brainwave entrainment, have the power to encourage specific mental states. Listening to certain types of music can influence your emotions. For example, baroque music can lower your heart rate and aid focused attention.

4) Peace And Quiet

You might think it odd to imagine that silence may be considered sound therapy. However, there is never a total absence of sound. Even if you were placed in a deep chamber under the ground, you could still hear the sounds emitted by your body. In fact, what is considered silence can help you connect with your system as a whole. When there is an absence of most sounds created outside of your body, you can more easily recognize what’s going on within. By listening to your heartbeat and breath, you can experience deep relaxation.

5) Chimes

The harmonics produced by chimes are often said to have a healing influence over the body and mind. They may be designed to correspond with the chakras, or with certain improvements in functioning in mind such as the creation of an alert or relaxed mental state.

6) Crystal Bowls

Pin It Quartz crystal bowls, sometimes referred to as singing bowls, produce a pure, continuous sound with healing vibrations. It is thought that they may be able to clear emotional blockages. You can use them as they are or combine them with your voice to make therapeutic sounds.

You are subject to the influence of sounds from your environment each day, whether good or bad. Nonetheless, you can exert control over what you hear to an extent and make sure that you listen to frequencies that have a positive impact on your mind.

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