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6 Ways To Manifest Beautiful Love Into Your Life

By Priyanka Yadvendu
Updated December 7, 2016

When I was 24 years old, I met a man eighteen years older than me and fell deeply in love. Being so young and being my first relationship, I turned to him for support, guidance, and his overall presence in my life. When that relationship fell apart, my whole life fell apart. I didn’t know how I could move forward in my life.

Two years later and going through a deep metamorphosis and unraveling, I have come to understand the process of love and how to manifest beautiful, radiant love into my life. When I was ready to invite a wonderful man and partner into my life, here are the exact steps I took.

1. Become Clear About What You Want

When I got into my first relationship, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I truly desired in a man. I drifted along and fell in love without realizing what qualities were important to me in a partner. When I felt ready again for a relationship, I journaled about the qualities I wanted in a partner.

I dove into detail about how I desired someone who is marriage and commitment minded, comfortable with intimacy, showered me with affection, and possesses a fiery sense of humor. I desired to feel sensual, soft, feminine, vulnerable, and express myself in his presence.

Grab a piece of paper or journal and dive deep into what you want in a partner and how you want to feel with him.

2. Love Yourself Completely And Raise Your Energetic Vibration

I knew this on an intellectual level, though it took me time to understand this on a deep emotional level. I finally understood that for someone to love me unconditionally, I had to love myself unconditionally. I could feel it deep in my body when I put myself in the dating game again.

I worked on loving all of myself. This included self-care like taking baths, meditation, dressing feminine, taking care of debt, setting boundaries with friends or relationships that drained my energy, scheduling check ups (doctor, dentist, optometrist), and investing in a coach.

As you love yourself wholly and your energetic vibration raises, you’ll match what you are looking for and the partner who loves you wholly will reflect your own love back at you.

3. Create Space By Clearing Blocks And Fears

To have your right partner come your way, you must clear all your fears and blocks that are getting in the way. I’ve not been decisive in my personal life and that stems from the fear of being vulnerable and seen in a relationship and fear of commitment and intimacy.

I created space by starting to be seen in other areas like at work, gym, parties, etc. If I wanted to be seen and cherished by a partner, I needed to embrace being seen.

I also wrote on a piece of paper all my fears like my family won’t approve of my partner, my partner won’t happily commit to me, and I’m not worthy or good enough and then burned it as a beautiful clearing ritual. Then, I wrote on my new beliefs and burned this piece of paper as well by candlelight. It was healing and transformative.

4. Trust The Process And Let Go

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you must trust with all your heart and soul in the process. Stay in the present moment and continue loving yourself and living your life with deep joy. As you do, your inner knowing will nudge you on what inspired actions to take. As you do take actions, don’t be hung up on the outcome.

6-ways-to-manifest-beautiful-love-into-your-life-pin For example: as you meet people and go on dates, let go of the outcome. Find the qualities you are seeking in the people you meet on dates and appreciate them regardless of whether you don’t know yet if that’s the right person for you. Remember the right person won’t pass you by. He or she will come your way!

5. Have A Clear Mind, Receive Love And Love Your Partner In Return

As you clear your fears and blocks, you will feel a lot of love and compassion for yourself. You’ll feel emotions and hear guidance you wouldn’t normally have. The reason being is because you are a clear channel now to receive love and guidance from yourself.

However, sometimes your ego and fears will flare up, continue to work on them so you can be a clear channel. The clearer you become as a channel, the faster your good (your lovely partner) will rush into your life.

6. Give Deep Gratitude

Lastly, give thanks for receiving your perfect partner who is perfect for you and of course, you are perfect for him. Enjoy!

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By Priyanka Yadvendu
Priyanka Yadvendu lives in San Francisco Bay and is a mentor and writer who is passionate about supporting women to connect to their inner selves, so they can experience more purpose, intimacy, and joy. When Priyanka is not busy writing she enjoys, running, volunteering and drinking chocolate martinis.

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