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8 Ways Meditation Can Benefit The Mind

By Karl Moore
Updated April 17, 2017

Many people choose to meditate to eliminate the stress and emotional upset that life can bring. Having been practiced for years, the benefits of meditation have been widely studied.

For beginners, and those who thought that meditation was simply about being relaxed, here are 8 ways it can provide a positive impact on the mind.

1. It Helps Us To Be In Touch With Our Emotions

Meditation helps us to focus on the present, which supports our emotional control. While any emotions that we have been resisting can come to the surface during meditation, it can be uncomfortable to deal with in the short term.

In the long term, however, we feel more connected to both our own feelings and to others.

2. It Reduces Anxiety And Depression

As meditation helps us to become calmer, we start to feel less anxious. Regular meditation also helps to increase serotonin within the body.

An imbalance in serotonin levels is thought to lead to depression. Therefore, if you meditate frequently, your mood will start to lift.  

3. It Increases Our Concentration

As meditation involves focusing on our thoughts, it can improve our concentration, alertness, and cognition.

Practicing regular meditation will improve our minds sharpness, increasing our ability to learn and multi-task.

4. It Improves Creativity

For those who struggle with being creative, learning to meditate will help you to become clearer with your thoughts. Trusting your own instincts builds your personal confidence, allowing you to become open to ideas.

Exploring varying meditation techniques will set your thoughts free, as you will be more relaxed in making creative decisions.

5. It Allows Us To Work Well Under Pressure

It’s well known that meditation helps us to become more relaxed. However, it’s not just a short term benefit. Over time, the act of meditation improves our overall brain functioning as it grows physically stronger.

In doing so, our state of mind is enhanced, thus, we can react better in stressful or challenging situations.

6. It Helps You To Stay In The Present

Learning how to meditate is learning how to be in the present. As you practice meditation, you will gradually learn to let go of the past, with your emphasis being on how to live for now.

This will majorly affect every aspect of your life, including your well-being, personal relationships, and work.

7. It Clears Your Mind

While meditation won’t relieve you of your thoughts, you will learn to acknowledge your feelings and be at peace with yourself.  

You will break free from unhealthy habits and sleep better at night. You’ll understand your thoughts and be assured of the decisions you choose
to make.

8. It Boosts Your Immune System

Meditation benefits both the body and mind, alleviating illnesses by giving your immune system a boost.

Production of the stress hormone cortisol is also reduced, giving you fewer ailments and an overall good sense of wellness.

If you want to experience better health, sign up to Zen12 for a simple 12-minute program that makes meditation a joy to partake in

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Katherine Hurst
By Karl Moore
Entrepreneur and best-selling author. CEO of Inspire3, publisher of self development programs such as Zen12, Subliminal Guru and Brain Evolution System.

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