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How To Become Successful: 3 Steps To Building Self-Confidence

By Dawn Clark
Updated October 27, 2015
Woman holding her hands to her chest with an expression of love and gratitude

One of the main issues holding people back is a lack of self-esteem. When you have thoughts like “I don’t deserve to be here” or “I’m not good enough to do this,” you are holding yourself back from your potential and exciting opportunities.

Did you know that confidence is one of the most attractive things about a person?

Unfortunately, most people are not self-confident. Low self-confidence manifests in many forms. This can appear as a fear of failure, or an unwillingness to try new things. Whatever the case, if you want to grow and experience a life rich with happiness and wisdom, it’s important to be able to flip a switch so you can radiate confidence like a lion in the Sahara.

I want to share with you a tool that can be used to boost your self-confidence in any circumstance.

Did you know? Self-confidence issues often find their roots in DNA.

Profound new studies have revealed that our ancestors’ experiences imprint belief systems and emotional responses in our ‘Junk’ DNA (the 97% of your genetic code not being used to create new proteins).

How do you feel in a new situation? Calm or anxious? Afraid or confident? At peace, or out of place?

Your answer to that question might hint at the kind of “confidence programming” that is imprinted in your ‘Junk’ DNA.

The good news is that you aren’t stuck with what you have. Whether you want to move to a place of strength, or just want to be more confident all around, there is a way you can overcome the invisible barriers stored in your ‘Junk’ DNA.

The key to boosting your confidence in these critical moments (and thereby overcoming your limiting DNA imprints), is to create a state change in 3 critical ways.

Before you let fear stop you, I want to show you, step-by-step, how it can be very easy to move out of a state of fear and into the strength and power of confidence.

Step 1 – Identify

When you’re starting to do something and experience sweaty palms, shortness of breath, or thoughts like “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not smart enough” pop into your head, ask yourself… Is it really fear that you are feeling? Or are you perhaps excited about some new opportunity? This involves doing a little reality check, rather than being asleep at the wheel of life, letting old imprints drive your emotions. If it is excitement, re-label it, embrace the feeling, and go forth.

Step 2 – Engage Your Body

Research shows that certain body positions elicit positive, confidence boosting chemicals in our brain that help us achieve our goals. Think about what it is you are wanting to do that makes you feel afraid.

Now notice what your body is doing. Are your shoulders slumped forward? Is your head hung down? Are your legs crossed anxiously? All of that is fueling the fear.

Time to switch gears and unleash your confidence. Take 30 seconds to adjust your body language to a power position. The best power position for sitting is when you are leaned back in a chair, with your feet up on a desk, and your arms behind your head… as if you had just closed the biggest deal ever!

Then anchor it in by investing 3 short minutes imagining yourself already having succeeded at the very thing you are afraid of! Body and mind will be on your side and your confidence will be intrinsically boosted both in brain chemistry and in your psychology.

Step Three – Supercharge

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Have you ever watched a sporting event where your team won? In that triumphant moment of “Yes!” what did your body do? Did your arms go up in the air? Did you jump up and down?

Those intense moments of victory, along with their success imprints, are tied to those kinesthetic movements.

Now is the time to do it again! Think of what it is you want to do. Imagine you did it, then throw your arms up in the air, and shout, “Yes!” I mean really shout! Own it! It will trigger a ripple of confidence throughout you. You are seeding the field for your success!

By practicing these simple confidence-boosting exercises, you will be training your body and mind to walk through your fears.

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By Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark is a international best-selling author, speaker, futurist, and creator of next-generation tools who has spent more than twenty years helping thousands of people unlock their potential and create profound breakthroughs personally and professionally. Standing at the nexus of science and spirituality, Dawn brings together cutting edge research from quantum physics, biochemistry, and technology, along with her own unique insights, some of which have been informed by profound near-death experiences.

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