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Become A Woman Of Substance In 3 Simple Steps

By Ekktha Raawal
Updated February 26, 2018

Every woman in the world aspires to become a woman of substance for her own reasons.

By becoming so, some wish to achieve a sense of satisfaction by fighting against all odds for various causes or influencing or bringing about a change in the lives of others.

Some just wish to be well known for doing good deeds for others.

Although a lot of the qualities for becoming a ‘woman of substance’ are inherent, you can add more value and substance to your life by developing these with time and various kinds of experiences you go through in life.

However, a big complex question is how to become one?

Here are 3 basic steps:

1. Understand Your Why First

This is the most critical step, as it would lay the foundation for the efforts and time you would be putting in.

This would help you to define the level of causes you would like to associate yourself with and the scope i.e. whether you would like to confine your efforts to your own individualistic needs or contribute towards your community or society, at a bigger level.

2. Develop The Right Mindset

A lot of women have this misconception that only working or highly qualified women are deemed to become successful or set an example for others, and hence develop low esteem for themselves. This is absolutely false.

If you are a homemaker, raising your family well, pursuing your passions/hobbies, aware of what is happening in society, have the ability to decide what is right or wrong and perform daily tasks based on that, participate in noble social activities, you are already on the right track and doing much better in life than a lot of those working women whose only aim is to earn some quick bucks for pocket money or work just because they get bored at home or not getting along with family members.

Women who work to utilize their talent or skills in the most constructive manner, go through the daily struggles to give a better lifestyle to their family or even themselves, are also the ones truly worthy.

So having the right mindset will automatically inject you with lots of self-confidence.

Strong is the new beautiful!

3. Action It

The best way to take action on your goal of becoming a woman of substance is by being aware of your surroundings or the challenges, you or people around you, face and becoming a solution provider for the same.

Take interest in people and become a driving force behind them.

Be polite, yet assertive. Cut down on unnecessary activities likes spending too much time on social media groups, keeping a track of the silliest of updates in other people’s life, gossiping etc. that drain you mentally and physically, to focus on more meaningful things.

Use these platforms for constructive engagements. Be vocal and articulate, voice your opinion.

Avoid cribbing about small problems in front of your family or husband… Instead, try to tackle the same on your own and see how happy you feel at the end of the day.

Be simple, be real and remember it’s absolutely okay to laugh at yourself sometimes.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

These are some baby steps that will go a long way in helping you become a woman of dignity and substance!

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Katherine Hurst
By Ekktha Raawal
Ekktha Raawal is a dynamic H.R. professional with corporate experience in learning & development and talent management in various local and multinational companies. Professionally holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology & Management from A.I.M.A. Delhi and certification in Project Management from IIT Roorkee. She is known for organizing training programs/events and designing and implementing processes for various setups. She has a zeal for everything that the life has to offer.

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