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6 Powerful Hacks For A Kickass Morning

By Sampurnaa Dutta
Updated December 31, 2017

For most of us out there, mornings turn out to be nightmares.

It is not until we have snoozed that dreaded alarm a few times that we can finally manage to drag ourselves out of bed, fighting an indomitable urge to pull up the covers and go back to sleep.

Mornings need not be so dreary if we prepare ourselves right.

If you are in awe of the energizer bunnies who spring out of bed and face the day head on, you are at the right place.

Read on to get the hang of a few hacks that will turn your tedious mornings into pleasurable ones.

1. Spare A Minute To Express Gratitude

Make it a habit to thank your bed for a good night’s sleep as soon as you wake up.

Send out thoughts of gratitude to the Universe and set forth positive intentions for the day.

This practice is sure to put you in a cheerful mood as you begin your day.

2. Meditate

All renowned teachers of spirituality vouch for the immensely beneficial effects of meditation.

Set aside fifteen minutes in your morning routine to sit in a relaxed position wearing comfortable clothing and concentrate on your breathing.

Many teachers offer guided meditations which can aid in keeping your focus intact for those prescribed minutes.

The practice of meditation is a sure shot way to create a sound mental grid for the day.

3. Read Something Positive And Uplifting

The human brain is the most receptive during the early hours of the day. Information fed to it within those hours should unfailingly be positive.

Skip watching the news first thing in the morning.

Instead, pick up an inspirational book, read a motivating quote or anything that aids in setting up a positive mood as you head into your day.

4. Write In Your Journal

Filling up a page or two of your journal with things that are going well in your life or things that you are grateful for will put you in a vibration of appreciation.

Another way to practice this is to write down your favorite affirmations in your journal and say them out loud to feel the power of your positive intentions pulsating through your being.

5. Exercise

It is no secret that a few minutes of physical exercise can help in maintaining your energy level throughout the day in addition to a host of health benefits.

For those of you who dread hitting the gym, a twenty minutes run can be equally beneficial.

If that is not your cup of tea either, you can always opt for a Zumba session where all you need to do is put on your dancing shoes and groove to the music.

6. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Each of us is guilty of skipping breakfast at some point because we were late to work.

Eating a healthy breakfast every morning should be on the top of your priority list.

Consult a nutritionist to get an idea of what would consist of a balanced diet for you.

Substitute your daily cup of a coffee with a smoothie.

When you set out to work with a full stomach, you will not be bothered by hunger pangs a few hours later in the day and thus save yourself from binging on heaps of junk food.

How you begin your morning pretty much reveals the kind of day you are going to live.

Every morning is an opportunity to start afresh. Break away from old patterns and inculcate healthy habits that will serve you in living a healthy, robust and stress-free life.

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Katherine Hurst
By Sampurnaa Dutta
Sampurnaa Dutta is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya, India. An eternal optimist by nature, she firmly believes in the Law of Attraction to harness the power of the Universe.

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