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Discover How To Open Yourself Up For Receiving

By Natalie Edwards
Updated June 2, 2016

Show of hands if you’re a yes to any of the below:

  • Do you often brush off compliments from people?
  • Do you often ‘feel bad’ if someone does something nice for you?
  • Do you tell someone “Oh you shouldn’t have/You don’t have to do that” when they try to give you a gift or do something that they want to do that’s just for you?

If your hand was up for any of these then I’ve got two pieces of news for you!

1. You’re not open to receiving and you’re blocking the abundance that’s trying to make its way into your life right now. (That’s the ‘bad’ news).

2. If you’re ready to change this and open yourself up, your life is about to get pretty awesome!

When we’re not open to receiving, it’s about so much more than just brushing things off and apologising for ourselves. What’s actually happening is that you’re holding a great big ‘NO’ hand up to the Universe.

You’re sending out vibes that you want to stay small, and that you don’t really want the gifts of kindness and love that others and the entire world is trying to get to come your way. I used to be like this. Any time anyone would say anything nice I would brush it off like I didn’t believe it. How could I possibly look nice? How could someone possibly want to do something nice for me? Why would they want to do that? Was there an ulterior motive?

It had always been my job to worry about everyone else first, yet when it came to me and what I wanted, there was a big lack of deserving that was going on. Sometimes when we’re not open to receiving from others, or just from the Universe, there’s actually a deep-seated and underlying lack of self-love at play.

So let me ask you, where’s your self-worth at right now beautiful one? Do you perhaps believe that you don’t DESERVE to receive. I’m here to let you know that you do deserve all the things you really want and more. You ARE worthy of living your most abundant and extraordinary life. You can have anything you want to. But you’ve got to open yourself up to receiving it. ALL of it.

No more shrinking away and hiding when someone or something tries to open up to you. No more holding up that hand to the Universe. When someone pays you a compliment, say thank you and BELIEVE it. When someone tries to show you how much they care, open up, expand, breathe into it and allow it.  Pin It Know that it’s your divine right to receive. Start receiving things that offered to you fully, with open and hands and an open heart, and with grace and beauty.

As you do this, you’ll begin to notice changes within yourself, in your life, AND in the people around you. Where there was lack there will suddenly be abundance. Where things may have appeared impossible, things will suddenly be possible. Where you may have told yourself certain things or a way of living was reserved for others, you’ll soon see it’s all available to you.There is more than enough to go around, and it’s time to open up to the infinite possibilities that surround you.

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Katherine Hurst
By Natalie Edwards
Natalie Edwards is a Transformational Coach & Forrest Yoga teacher. She helps to guide female entrepreneurs to think from their heart more and to create a business and life they absolutely love. Intrigued by the power of the body-mind connection, Natalie helps her clients shift physical and emotional blocks, reconnect to their big business 'why', and reach alignment with what they really want to create in this world.

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