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Discover The Healing Benefits Of Sound Therapy

By John Coulson
Updated January 11, 2015

Whether you are looking to reduce stress or you are experiencing a serious bout of anxiety, sound therapy is just what you need.This form of healing has aided those who are experiencing a mid-life crisis, individuals in the throes of addiction, as well as people who suffer from mental illness. No matter what you are going through, sound therapy can bring balance to your life.

For many years, vibrations and energy from sound have been used to help a wide variety of people.

How It Works

Music and sound have a powerful effect on our emotions and mental state. Some music will make you happy, while other songs can bring you down.

Therapists that practice sound therapy understand this concept, and take it to another level; they use the frequencies within the music to rebalance the mind and soul. Prior to receiving sound therapy, the practitioner will inquire about your mental wellbeing. Based on these answers, he or she will then tailor the session to meet your particular needs at that particular moment.

The different types of sound therapy can range from the slow, methodical beating of a drum to the high-pitched squeal of tuning forks to get you back to a positive state.

Tuning Fork Therapy

Speaking of tuning forks, these two-pronged pieces of steel are most famously used to tune musical instruments. When the forks are struck, they cause pulses of vibrations to be sent out into the space around them. The same vibrations tuning forks create to tune instruments can also be used to change the energy within the body.

The therapist will strike the tuning forks and then place them near your body. Immediately you will begin to notice a difference as the pulses from the forks begin to change the energy in your surrounding area. This form of sound therapy can be used to heal specific parts of the body or to create a more positive energy overall within the body.

Music Therapy

Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, music has been used to heal the mind and body.

Similar to the tuning forks, the vibrations in the music are used to change the energy around and within the body to heal the person.

The tones within the music work to stimulate certain patterns of energy within the body. These patterns tune the energy so that the vibrations are in harmony. When you have positive energy flowing through your body, it can begin to heal itself.

People who take part in music therapy are less stressed and have a better mental balance because their energy is balanced.

Chanting Therapy

Chanting therapy is an ancient form of healing that has been used by people around the world. Verbal tones and the position of the tongue can be used to stimulate certain emotions. The vocalized chants that are used in this type of therapy are designed to create a positive energy and rid the body of negative feelings.

The therapist will teach you how to chant certain sounds that will change the energy in your body and bring about better mental stability. People who have participated in this type of sound therapy have lower blood pressure, better circulation and improved mental health.

Pin It Sound therapy is not a new concept. The methods used by sound therapy practitioners are some of the oldest forms of healing on the planet. Scholars such as Plato and Socrates saw the benefits that sound had on the human body and used it to manipulate physical and mental health. Participating in this form of therapy can help you get a more balanced mood in a natural way.

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By John Coulson
Extensive training and experience spanning over 10 years developing a helpful range of complimentary treatment programs for people coping with stress, pain, injury and day to day challenges.

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