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Do Hypnosis CDs And Audiobooks Really Work?

By Nicole Lipman
Updated March 30, 2015

Online therapy is really hot commodity right now. Many websites are selling hypnosis treatments to consumers over the Internet.

Their claim is that their products can, with proper use, generate similar results to the ones patients get from a therapy session with a hypnotist, often for a fraction of the cost incurred by traditional treatment options.

Things such as MP3 downloads and audiobooks are being sold on specialty websites, as well as auction sites like eBay.

Skepticism starts when people notice the price point for these items. Some of these products are rather costly, yet they sell modestly well. Plenty of people equate cost with quality, which is why some consider these to be snake oil cures meant to prey on people with lots of cash, but little common sense.

The number of people who genuinely benefit from these products is marginal at best, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these types of products are simply ineffective.

The idea that you could save hundreds of dollars in therapy sessions by buying a $30 CD definitely sounds too good to be true and for many people it is. An important thing to remember though is that these self-help options, like any tool, need to be used properly to get the most out of them.

So, the questions remain: Are they legitimately helpful to people? Is it worth it to try them? Here are some things you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

What You Should Know About Hypnosis MP3s/CDs

Hypnosis CDs and MP3s are by far the most commonly sold online hypnosis treatment and with good reason; it’s easily the most profitable. A person can produce a message that takes about 30 minutes to write and record. He or she can then burn it onto a CD, or distribute it as an MP3 and profit off it exponentially.

Hypnosis recordings are among the most effective at-home treatment options, but that isn’t to say they can replace clinical hypnotherapy; they offer similar benefits, but are generalized to accommodate multiple listeners.

A hypnotherapist will cater each session to the exact needs of the person he or she treating, making the sessions more personal than the ones you’ll hear on a prerecorded disc. The goal of these audio files is to try to implant subliminal thoughts in a person’s head the same way traditional hypnosis does.

They often borrow aspects of sound therapy to try to make the experience seem more fulfilling than it really is. The most common type of in-home treatment with this option is dealing with addiction. Some are made to help people with smoking, while others cover topics such as overeating or gambling.

What You Should Know About Hypnosis Audiobooks

Audiobooks aren’t as common as their counterparts are, but they cover complex issues and go into greater detail. These usually consist of collected essays or instructions and serve as teaching aids. They serve to educate the person listening about what causes certain types of disorders or conditions. They’ll offer advice on coping with the issue the person has and provide instructions for sessions they can conduct privately on themselves or others.

The legitimacy of information in these books is comparable to other self-help books. They contain a lot of practical information mixed with common knowledge. The audiobooks themselves tend to be very long and repetitive and usually cost significantly more than the CDs and MP3s that focus simply on treating the listener.

Essentially, these are meant to be enjoyed in the same manner as a book or novel. Many of these audiobooks are mainly for entertainment purposes. Some will offer additional educational courses and even certification opportunities for what they cover.

Consumers should be aware that the best place to learn about hypnotherapy is always going to be at an accredited college or university. These audiobooks simply can’t replace the value of learning in an actual classroom.

Pin It The benefits of these audio hypnosis products are still widely debated. You should be cautious when trying online hypnosis products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an open mind about them. You may find that listening to them on a daily basis helps ease your mind or motivates you to be firm in your resolution to cope with your troubles.

If you’re currently seeing a hypnotherapist, ask him or her if there are any aids that he or she would recommend to help supplement your sessions. Most importantly, be responsible, and explore all your options carefully.

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Katherine Hurst
By Nicole Lipman
Nicole is a Nationally Certified Consulting Therapist, with a Bachelor of Science degree, a background in life management and motivational coaching. She specializes in hypnosis for stress reduction, habit cessation and pain management. One of her favorite quotes is “the mind is powerful, and we have more control than we think”. She strongly believes that the mind holds the key to most of life’s problems, and that hypnosis helps to unlock and find answers to these problems.

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