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How Expectations Kill Manifestation

By Laura Di Franco
Updated November 7, 2016

Expectation kills manifestation because it’s not things or people we want, it’s a feeling – and trying to control what happens in our lives; putting conditions on the hows of our happiness, makes it too difficult for the Universe to help us.

Let go of your expectations and start moving toward a feeling instead.

With positive thinking and manifestation, we’re taught to envision the end result – our big dreams.

And then everything goes pear-shaped because either we don’t really know what we want, or we start expecting very specific things to happen to achieve it.

It’s more about your vibe; how you want to feel. When you start spelling out in fine detail the things you need and the situations you have to have to feel a certain way, you close off all the trillion possible ways the Universe might get you to that awesome feeling. The only job we have in manifestation class is high vibe feeling and disciplined practice of it.

Expectations hurt us a couple of different ways. If we expect specific things to happen or people to say or do certain things, and it doesn’t happen, we’re disappointed.

We think we know what we want (a person, job, car, house, vacation, etc…) and we think we know how it should happen. Then we put that message out into the Universe, create goals around it and take action toward it, and after all that effort it doesn’t pan out.

The problem is our focus is on the things, rather than the feeling, and it’s not things that make us happy – we know this.

The other way expectation messes with us are when we try to anticipate every negative thing, expecting the worst so we won’t be disappointed.

The problem there is the low vibe energy you’re putting out, basically practicing the feelings of fear. All this does is attract more situations that help you practice fear. Like attracts like. It doesn’t help you to constantly conjure up the worst-case scenario.

Think about what you really want; to feel happy, free, abundant, successful, fulfilled, worthy, powerful, purposeful, etc… Now think about all the things you’ve wished for that you think will make you feel this way.

What if you felt these things despite what happened or what things or people came into your life? Would that be okay?

If we drop our expectations about what’ll make us feel good the Universe is free to make it happen whatever way it can; a trillion different possible paths to get you there – including things that look awful from the outside.

If we stop labeling the stones on the path, we can finally see that everything put on our path is part of the path, even the bad stuff.

_how-expectations-kill-manifestation-pin How do we do this again? Simple:

  • Awareness.
  • High vibe thoughts/feelings.
  • Fierce practice.

The expectation is a form of want with desperate, low vibe energy to it. If you want, you don’t have, and that vibe is killing your manifestation. As soon as we’re trapped in expectation we’re closed off from the powerful, magical energy of feelings like gratitude and love.

The expectation is the want of a specific feeling with extra baggage that creates the opposite energy we need.

Instead of expecting; putting conditions on how you’ll be happy, try moving your default vibe to gratitude and love, and let the Universe figure out how it’s going to help you feel that way.

Rather than trying to control it all, let go and take the grand ride and adventure this life really is. As soon as your hands are off the bar you’re going to feel the true joy of the ride.

To learn more about manifesting in great depth, the article ‘6 Secrets to Leveraging the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Your Desires‘ is a great place to start your journey on the Manifest Everyday website!

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Katherine Hurst
By Laura Di Franco
Laura Di Franco, MPT is a holistic physical therapist, published author, poet, blogger and black belt with over two decades of experience in healing. Her transformational programs combine the empowering tools of body awareness and therapeutic writing to help you learn the language of your intuition and gain the clarity you crave for your life and business. Laura’s enthusiasm is contagious and the spark that’ll inspire you to make the change you’ve been afraid to make. She’s the sherpa you’ve been looking for!

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