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How To Transform Your Sex Life With One Simple Step

By Heather Redwood
Updated February 9, 2016

How’s your sex life? Hopefully, your answer to that simple query is a resounding, “Amazing.” In all likelihood, however, it’s a little less enthusiastic – and maybe even less than affirmative.

Even if you rank your sex life highly, there is always room for improvement. Unless you are having mind-blowing, breath-taking, spasm-inducing sex every time you roll between the sheets, you’ve got some room to grow.

While it may seem that improving your sex life would be difficult – and it can be, a little – it’s not as hard as you may expect. By adding one simple practice into your daily life, you can improve your sex life, potentially forever. That’s worth it, right? Just one LITTLE thing? And you get better sex. Forever!

So what’s the secret? Here it is.


That’s right – meditation. Although you may initially doubt that meditating will have any impact on your sex life at all, the strong connection with yourself you develop through continued practice of meditation can and will have a lasting impact, transforming your tame exchanges into almost indescribable trysts that leave you satisfied to your core.

To reap these benefits, start meditating. Seriously. Right now. And we’re not talking five minutes at your desk with your eyes closed. We mean serious meditation. Schedule in 40 minutes a day to meditate. With continued focus on this technique you’ll reconnect with your core. While your sex life isn’t the only thing that you’ll improve by doing this, it’s one of the major – and most pleasurable – benefits.

“Okay, so I give you 40 minutes a day, and I get what?” You may ask. Here are eight amazing things you – and your partner – will get in return:

1. Your Pleasure Will Last Longer

How long does your satisfaction last after you reach the big O? For many people, the answer is several minutes – if they’re lucky. After you begin your regimen of meditation, you can expect this full-body tingle to last decidedly longer. As a meditator, you will be more connected to your body. You’ll truly feel all of the feeling associated with each experience – including orgasms. This means that, as that intense wave washes over your body, you’ll bask in the surf instead of just serving as a wave break and ending up sensation-free in a matter of minutes.

2. You’ll Feel More

How much do you feel when you have sex? During these encounters, most people are too busy to actually think about this. They know it feels good. They know they like it. But they can’t describe exactly what they are feeling. This is because they aren’t in tune with all of their body. They can’t differentiate between pleasure in each of the complex pleasure centers. By practicing meditation, you will learn how to feel everything – a major benefit during sex.

3. You’ll Be More Focused

Nothing kills the mood like one member of a duo drifting off in their mind to another place and time. If your partner is going to town trying to keep you satisfied and you’re trying with all your might to remember if you actually picked up that milk on the way home, you’re ruining your sex life. By meditating, you allow yourself to better keep your thoughts and ideas centered and focused, which can reduce the likelihood of this happening during sex.

4. You’ll Be Less Stressed

Having sex is a naturally stress-reducing activity. However, if the stress from your daily life keeps invading your mind while you have sex, your sex life will suffer. Although it may seem difficult to think about the issues you’re having at work or the annoying feud you’re having with your family while you’re having sex, these thoughts and ideas will creep in as you try to empty your mind and enjoy this exchange. By participating in meditation regularly, you’ll reduce your stress levels, so there will be fewer ambient thoughts to get between you and your partner.

5. You’ll Appreciate Your Body

As you connect with your body during meditation, you grow to appreciate this vessel so much more. This appreciation you develop for your body manifests itself in confidence in the bedroom. As you come to realize that your body is for so much more than just looking good on the outside, you’ll become less worried about those flabby thighs or that bit of cellulite that keeps you turning the lights out during sex. As a confident and in-control participant in sex, you’ll improve the overall quality of the sex in which you and your partner engage.

6. You’ll Be Healthier

Sex is a lot of work. Seriously. If you’re doing it right, that is. By engaging in meditation you improve your overall health. Not only will this improved health make it easier for you to do other strenuous tasks in your life – it will make it easier for you to be an energetic lover – something your partner will appreciate.

7. You’ll Be More Confident

You can do anything with a can-do attitude – including have better sex. If your confidence in your sex skills has always been a little – well – less than stellar, you would benefit from engaging in meditation. Through meditation, you’ll learn how strong and amazing and competent you are. This new faith in your abilities will translate to more energy in bed – which your partner will appreciate. It will also keep you from second-guessing the things you’re doing, which will be hugely beneficial, as second-guessing is a great way to ruin a rendezvous.

8. You’ll Be Better Connected With Your Partner – If You Both Meditate

If your partner has no interest in meditating, you can reap the benefits of this practice alone. However, if you pair up and take on meditation as a regular practice together, you’ll transform your sex life in ways you never imagined. When you and your partner meditate, you’ll find yourself more connected, physically and spiritually, than ever before. This connection will likel Pin It y manifest itself in pranayama – breathing in harmony. As you breathe with, and connect to, your partner, you’ll find yourself becoming more naturally aware of what they want and how you can satisfy them. You’ll feel their energy, and they’ll feel yours. This will improve your relationship in lots of ways – not just sexually – which will be a huge benefit if what you seek with your partner is a lasting love that keeps you both content for years into the future.

To reap this benefit, implore your partner to give meditation a go. After all, what do either of you have to lose from starting a routine that includes this health-promoting, connection-building, self-affirming practice?

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Katherine Hurst
By Heather Redwood
Heather Redwood graduated from Penn State University with a Speech Communication degree, and specializes in communication therapy. She has logged over 15,000 hours in one-to-one sessions with men and women, helping them to cope with codependency issues and love and sex addiction. She also specializes in online dating and marriage counselling.

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