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Listen To What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

By Nicola Judkins
Updated February 23, 2017

A month ago I woke with a sore throat.  I had felt well in the day’s prior, and hadn’t been around anyone who was sick, so this sore throat was a mystery.  I decided to work on my throat chakra as part of my morning meditation practice and then began to free journal.  This is when the real reason behind my sore throat became evident.

The week before my fiancé was offered a job in a different state. He accepted without us talking through the implications.  Wanting to be a supportive partner I had told him I was fine with the decision. And that I would be able to handle everything at home while he was away.

The reality was a little different.  With only one day off a week we didn’t know when he would get home again.  I would need to work in the clinic, run an online business, exercise four big dogs and maintain our three-acre property. This wasn’t going to be easy on top of all the other everyday things such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping.

And with no close support network around us, if something went wrong I was going to have to handle it on my own.

My sore throat was my body’s way of sending me a message that I hadn’t spoken my truth. Instead of speaking up about the fears I had, I closed down.  And so did my throat.

That night we had a long, honest conversation about how this change would affect us.  We made a decision together that he wouldn’t accept the job.  The next morning my throat felt fine.

Recognizing what physical symptoms mean on an emotional level requires body awareness. Not every symptom is telling you your inner world is out of balance. Some symptoms do need a medical assessment. But if you can learn to tune into your body, the times you may need to dig deeper becomes intuitive.

We receive subtle physical messages all the time telling us something isn’t right.  You may have experienced some of these signs before.  They can include a tight chest, regular headaches, eczema or a heavy feeling in your stomach.  Think about how your body feels when you’re stressed, anxious or unhappy.

In today’s busy world many of us have lost our ability to recognize these symptoms or we choose to ignore them.  This only works up to a point.  If you continue to tune these messages out your body will start to scream louder and louder. And it will keep going until you see someone about it, or that little niggle turns into chronic pain or illness.

Listen-To-What-Your-Body-Is-Trying-To-Tell-You-pin So how can you learn to tune in, listen and trust the messages your body is sending you?

  • Slow down and rest:  Create space to stop, breathe, feel and ask yourself how your body feels.
  • Calm your mind:  Schedule time for meditation and free journaling.  Ask yourself the question, ‘if this physical symptom was an emotion what would it mean’?  Or what may be out of balance creatively, professionally or emotionally.
  • Make small changes:  If something in your life isn’t working make one small change and see how your body reacts.  If that change is right your body will begin to feel better.  If the change isn’t right then your body will continue to feel out of balance.  Begin thinking of your body as the guide for the decisions you make in your life.
  • Increase your self-care:  Your body is the only place you have to live. You need to treat it with the respect it deserves.  This means allowing it time to rest, repair and rejuvenate.  Self-care doesn’t have to mean hour-long massages, half days at the health spa or long weekends lying on the beach.  Your body responds best when you incorporate small self-care practices throughout the day. Get enough sleep. Move daily. Drink enough water. Spend some time outdoors. Meditate. Go through your day mindfully.

Taking the time to figure out what your body is trying to tell you will save you time, energy and money. And it’s better than treating your symptoms with more medication. Or hoping they disappear.

When you heal your physical symptoms in an intuitive and natural way your body will love you for it. And it will reward you with true physical and emotional health. How wonderful would that feel!

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Katherine Hurst
By Nicola Judkins
Nicola Judkins is a Physiotherapist (BPhty) & Wellness Coach who teaches women how to heal their physical pain and prioritize their health so they can live pain-free. Her courses, programs, and guides offer practical and simple advice that is easy to implement into a busy day. By applying the strategies that Nicola recommends you can create the health and energy you need to live a pain-free life with ease. Originally from New Zealand, Nicola now lives in Tasmania, Australia, with her fiancé and four big fur-kids.

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