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Love And The Law Of Attraction

By Arielle Ford
Updated April 11, 2016

It’s possible to manifest the love of your life and find your soulmate, but what does it take do so successfully? You might think this question doesn’t even apply to you—perhaps you believe it’s hopeless to look for romance when you’re divorced or in older age, or maybe you work a job that’s so demanding that you can’t understand how you’d ever have time for love.

However, people in all these circumstances have managed to find a perfect partner, and there’s a common thread in all of their narratives.

There are several key ingredients that go into every Law of Attraction soulmate success story. Firstly, you need to be willing to do the necessary work. This involves processing old emotional baggage from your past relationships, and getting rid of it in a healthy way—an important part of making space to receive the love of your life.

In addition, you can benefit from using tools and exercises specific to the Law of Attraction, like making soulmate wish lists and dream boards. However, just as important is cultivating “Beginner’s Mind.” This is a concept from Buddhism, and it describes a highly specific way of being.

When you achieve a state of Beginner’s Mind, you pursue all of your manifestation techniques and rituals with a feeling of an excitement, an attitude of complete openness, and absolutely no preconceptions.

Even if you’re still feeling the deep pain of a previous breakup or are struggling to make the best of difficult life circumstances, it’s vital that you avoid falling into the trap of believing nothing will work for you. No matter how tempting it is to give up and believe that you’ve already tried and failed to find love, hold onto your sense of hope.

There are new things to try, and an openness to possibility maximizes your chances of success.

Sometimes, people feel incredibly frustrated because they’ve been “searching” for their great love and yet never encountered anyone even remotely suitable. They might protest that they’ve watched all the relevant Law of Attraction documentaries and made a detailed list of all the qualities they want in a significant other, and yet that soulmate still hasn’t appeared.

This mindset is a self-defeating one—if you’re focusing on how you haven’t yet attracted your dream partner, all you’re doing is vibrating on a low frequency that reduces your ability to ever attract that partner.

To become successful at manifesting anything—whether that thing is love, money, or something much smaller—you need to cultivate a measure of emotional maturity. People who have become highly skilled at attracting what they want have learned that manifestation requires having techniques that assist with managing limiting beliefs and negative feelings.

Armed with these tools, they become able to tackle experiences of fear, doubt and confusion without becoming stuck in those powerful emotions.

The good news is that this type of mental discipline can be grown and honed over time. However, you need to make a conscious decision to focus your thoughts on the thing you desire—not the outcome you don’t want.

There are quick tricks you can use to stop negative thoughts in their tracks, such as saying “cancel-cancel” or “stop” to yourself whenever something unpleasant pops into your head. At that point, you can deliberately shift your focus towards a new vision—a vision of something positive.

For more sustained episodes of anxiety or negative thinking, emotional release techniques can be used to realign your energy with the outcome you truly want to manifest.

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The take-home message here is that successfully manifesting your soulmate requires both doing and being simultaneous. You need to be willing to have clear intentions and yet also find ways to detach yourself from the outcome. Your thoughts and feelings have a tremendously strong impact on your intention point and your vibration, so keeping them positive is the clearest path to getting what you want out of life.

Everyone experiences flashes of doubt and moments of despondency while trying to manifest a soulmate, but if you are thinking “I’ve been trying for more than a year and I still haven’t found love!” then you’re living in the wrong reality—you’re occupying the reality of what is missing rather than the reality of what can be achieved.

For the universe to add more love to your life, you need to be focused on the love you could have—not the love you don’t have. Instead of thinking of yourself as searching for your soulmate, view yourself as anticipating the love you will receive. Try to savor that wait, knowing that true love is coming.

When you look at the stories of people who have manifested love, you can see that they have accepted that we can never know how, when or where a perfect partner will appear. There’s a power in this type of surrender, which releases you from the pressure to micromanage every little moment of your life. You have one job: to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for true love, and to believe that that this person is on their way. Love yourself, love the continually unfolding narrative of your life, have faith in the power of attraction, and hold fast to your positive intentions.

Everyone deserves to experience the deep contentment of spending their days with a soulmate—and your soulmate is already out there, looking for you. If you can cultivate patience, maturity and focus as you work with the Law of Attraction, you will discover the love that you deserve.

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Katherine Hurst
By Arielle Ford
Arielle Ford is a love and relationship expert and a leading personality in the personal growth movement. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the producer of Evolving Wisdom’s Art of Love series, and the author of ten books including the international bestseller, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction.

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