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How To Take Your Raw Sexual Energy… And Turn It Into Fuel For Success

By Amish Shah
Updated May 19, 2015

You probably have heard of Napoleon Hill, author of the book Think and Grow Rich which was first published in 1937.

He once said that the secret to success is to transmute your sexual energy into creative business energy.

Napoleon Hill Sexual energy is said to be the most powerful force on the earth. It can be used to bring people together in love, it can be used to create or even divide. It’s purpose depends on the way the energy is focused…or as Hill describes, transmuted. And this specific energy is not actually sexual in the way we automatically think of.

Sex is something more than just a physical passion, but rather, a unique creative energy that can be…re-purposed.

Hill states, “It’s an energy that can be directed into many channels. Anything you do can be electrifying and positive and profitable when it is infused with sex emotion”. Positive and profitable…now that’s what drives success.

Sexual transmutation is the ability to switch out a desire for physical contact to a similar desire for expression in some other field such as business.

Hill writes “when the energy is being transmuted, there is no desire for the physical act” of sex. “Something else that is very vital and important can be accomplished with the same energy.”

Pin It It’s like this pulsating, electrifying energy. You may have met someone like that where you felt it in their handshake, the look in their eyes, the strength of their voice and just a magnetism about them that is hard to miss…that defines the Law of Attraction. Hill would say that person has pulled off the transmutation.

People like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Tesla amongst many are known to have practice this. So…how can you pull it off, too?

And preferably without giving up sex?

My name is Amish Shah and I am the founder of *Project:Yourself – a global movement committed to helping people harness sexual transmutation – and other dormant human powers and natural phenomena – to awaken their fullest creation powers.

sri_yantra My aim? To spark a consciousness revolution, and who knows – maybe the next stage in human evolution?

My scientific and spiritual approach to personal growth and the Law of Attraction is incredibly powerful.

If you’re curious about awakening your dormant powers, check out this *report that explains the scientifically proven mind-body-spirit tools for greater abundance and success.. It’s free, it’s suitable for all experience levels… and it will show you how to switch on all sorts of powers you never knew you had-including your sexual energy.

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Katherine Hurst
By Amish Shah
Amish Shah is an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, globetrotting treasure hunter, an explorer of consciousness and a loving family man with a dream: to reconnect you with your human perfection. He runs a successful publishing and technology company, spreading transformative ancient wisdom - from meditation to astrology to the teachings of lost civilizations - to millions worldwide.

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