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3 Ways To Alter Your Genetic Coding & Improve Your Genes

By Dawn Clark
Updated November 4, 2015

Did you know that people can change eye color and even influence athletic and mental capabilities by recoding their genetic superstructure?

What exactly are “genes” and how can they be improved? And according to a study by Emory University what does that have to do with mice and cherry blossoms?

We all have DNA. It’s the stuff in your cells that tell them how to grow and behave. But, only 3% of your genetic code is being used actively for routine performance like protein coding. This active 3% is responsible for telling your body how it should appear, what illnesses you’re susceptible to, and other biological functions.

The other 97%? For years, scientists named this huge portion of genetic code “Junk DNA.” However, recent breakthroughs have revealed that your Junk DNA is actually something far more important than that.

A study by Emory University has revealed that genetic memories of fear and love are stored in the “Junk DNA.” This breakthrough was thanks to a small family of mice and the smell of cherry blossoms. Does that sound strange? Keep reading.

By taking a population of field mice and introducing them to the smell of cherry blossoms, then immediately scaring them, researchers unlocked this epigenetic secret. Whenever the mice smelled cherry blossoms, they would have a physical fear response. They had become conditioned to associate terror with the scent.

Future generations of those mice also had fear reactions to the smell of the cherry blossoms. However, the scientists did not condition this into the younger mice!

This is an example of how a limiting imprint can be passed on from parents to children. This sort of imprinting in your Junk DNA can last for up to 6 generations! It is why we suffer from limiting beliefs, fears, and concerns that have no real basis in our own life.

But the good news is that you don’t have to live with these limiting imprints! Recent discoveries in epigenetics have revealed that our behavior, beliefs, and diet has a tremendous impact on the genetic code that is being used in our body.

What this means for you is amazing. When you cook, you only use some of the recipes in your cookbook. Same thing with cells and their genes. So why settle for meatloaf when you could be eating filet mignon?

Here are some ways you can start influencing your genes for the better, today:

  •  Exercise. Do you want to do something awesome, but feel held back by your body? Well, a study from Sweden has shown that your starting genetic makeup doesn’t necessarily limit your athletic abilities. With the right training and a lot of dedication, you can make anything possible.
  •  Diet. Getting the right nutrient makeup from your food has an impact beyond what you might think. Genetic structures are altered by what we consume, and this information is passed on to children. Make sure you are eating healthily!
  •  Belief systems. Although this is easier said than done, changing your belief systems can hugely alter your genetic superstructure. Likewise, your DNA can also impact the belief systems you are born with.

In fact, with the right set of tools, you can even alter the genetic coding you have about wealth! Your DNA is waiting to be recoded to meet your desires…

So go ahead and get started! If you’re interested in this topic and want to learn about more about turning “on” the genes of wealth and success, sign up today to the Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene Course.

This course is a free, 5-episode training for anyone who wants to learn the basics and get started on unlocking their potential.

In fact, with the right set of tools, you can even alter the genetic coding you have about wealth! This is something you will learn more about when you sign up to the Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene Course.

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By Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark is a international best-selling author, speaker, futurist, and creator of next-generation tools who has spent more than twenty years helping thousands of people unlock their potential and create profound breakthroughs personally and professionally. Standing at the nexus of science and spirituality, Dawn brings together cutting edge research from quantum physics, biochemistry, and technology, along with her own unique insights, some of which have been informed by profound near-death experiences.

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