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Why Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss Is Successful

By Nicole Lipman
Updated April 26, 2015

For decades, people have tried to lose weight and, unfortunately, many of them don’t have lasting success. A healthy diet and regular exercise are supposed to be the keys to weight loss success, but for many of us it’s not that easy.

Some people have persistently unhealthy relationships with food, so it seems that no matter what they try, it’s impossible to keep the weight off.

If you have tried to lose weight through conventional methods but just haven’t gotten the results you expect, hypnosis that’s geared toward people who want to lose weight could help you break through the barrier and finally shed those unwanted pounds.

Keep reading to learn some specific reasons about why many people who try it discover that hypnosis for weight loss helps them finally get the figures they’ve always wanted.

The Process Of Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss is done under the direction of a trained hypnotherapist. He or she will usually put you into a trance-like state with help from repeated words or phrases. Images may be used to encourage the transition into that alternative state of mind, too.

The idea is, when you are under the influence of hypnosis for weight loss, you are more susceptible to suggestions from others, such as behavior modifications that can help you lose weight and change your relationship with food.

Some experts recommend using hypnosis for weight loss along with other methods of slimming down. Although there is not a great deal of scientific research about how well hypnosis works for helping people lose weight, the amount of pounds lost is usually an average of six.

If you’re aiming to lose more than that, it may be a good idea to visit a hypnotherapist, plus talk to your doctor about changing your diet and starting or altering an exercise program to encourage the kinds of results you want.

Changing Your Beliefs

One of the major reasons why some people find that hypnosis for weight loss works well is because hypnotherapists have several principles they use to help achieve results. Many of them focus on changing the way you feel about yourself.

A hypnotherapist can instill the belief that you already possess everything you need to drop the unwanted weight. There’s no need to take part in crash diets, obsessively count calories or spend all your free time at the gym.

Instead, hypnotherapists often work toward getting you to embrace the belief that you have innate ability to lose the weight and keep it off. Therefore, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and that losing the weight is something too far beyond your abilities.

A Focus On The Positive

You may think that hypnotherapy for weight loss is maximally effective if it tries to make you feel guilty about the food you eat. Instead, hypnotherapists are more likely to use messaging that helps you remember how great your body is, and that it’s something that deserves respect.

Pin It If you’re able to reshape your thinking to realize that your body is something to be treasured, yet you’re causing damage to it by overeating, that’ll likely cause more effective results than you might get by hearing messages that try to discourage you from eating your favorite junk foods.

These are just a couple reasons why people who are aiming to lose weight often turn to hypnosis for help. The mind is a powerful thing, and if a hypnotist can help change your way of thinking, weight loss may soon follow. Talk with your doctor about this alternative form of medicine designed to help you lose the weight you want.


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Katherine Hurst
By Nicole Lipman
Nicole is a Nationally Certified Consulting Therapist, with a Bachelor of Science degree, a background in life management and motivational coaching. She specializes in hypnosis for stress reduction, habit cessation and pain management. One of her favorite quotes is “the mind is powerful, and we have more control than we think”. She strongly believes that the mind holds the key to most of life’s problems, and that hypnosis helps to unlock and find answers to these problems.

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