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A Goal Is Just A Wish

By Tina Zarlenga
Updated December 10, 2015

I love the quiet of the morning. With coffee in hand I find a quiet place and listen.

Exploring the peaceful daybreak as I observe the familiar sounds echoing throughout the house. The furnace quiets and the house creaks in its absence, nature awakens around me with the promise of dawn’s approach, while the birds are already busy singing sweet songs of hope. In a search for clarity, I finally recognized my trampled determination and began the quest for change. My soul was betrayed without the cadence of creativity, since wandering from my artistic path, leading me to purge the negative chatter from my mind, and encourage growth.

The blaze of orange bursting through the open chasm of the blinds serves as a bright reminder of the possibility a new day brings. Within this promise, abundant anticipation fills each conviction as I begin the push forward.

Fixed in a rut of sameness, with dreams I did nothing to accomplish, I knew it was crucial to begin. Within these moments of reflection I unravel my thoughts to support the goals I aspire to reach, bringing the determination essential to persevere.

Stories of success appeared in my life during a painful season, filling me with hope and reminding me of the significance in our time here. Providing the fortitude to take stock in the space I was squandering and shift my ambition. Making lists was a piece of their power, and so I began.

The first step towards change began with: Writing down my goals.

As I wrote down my goals and sifted through the intentions I longed to fulfill, I began to appreciate the dreams I sidestepped because of fear. Identifying trepidation was a crucial turning point, affirming if it was fueled by fear, I must pursue it, and if it created growth, it must be on my list.

Welcoming the journey before me, this written list helped to align all the wishes I held within my heart, lighting the fire of determination, as it brought hope for the future. Finally exposing all the possibilities in the abundant life I was seeking, I was ready to begin.

Step two: Rewrite that list.

Constantly evolving this draft of desires inspired me to take the next step to advance. Manifesting the energy required I defined my intentions, and from the smaller goals accomplished in a day, to the larger life changing goals, I recognized the cadence of change before me. From a record of books I wanted to read, to the health changes I needed to occur, beginning with simple goals as my lists blossomed into new discoveries. Displayed within the books I chose linked a theme to my aspirations, guiding my authentic path.

Our written goals help us clearly define the intentions to examine. Stepping into the fears that had once constrained me, I began fulfilling my goals. Revisiting the list, while discovering my intentions prompted my return to college. Pursuing the courses desired ignited the sustenance to press on, and the confidence to excel through each challenge before me. Change does not transpire over night, but when nothing is completed to shift the direction of our dreams, another year will slip by unnoticed.

Step three: Confidence builds momentum.

Each time I penned a new goal and followed the steps to achieve it, my soul was enriched. Excelling in class introduced an undiscovered harmony in confidence and pride, nurturing the path to growth and authentication, while expanding my list of goals. As I began embracing my dreams a new world began to unravel before me, one that highlighted the opportunities I had once overlooked.

Step four: Start small and build.

Thriving to attain the next goal unfolded immense promise in my life, with each decision propelling me further into the direction of my dreams. In an effort to improve my health, and lose weight, I began running. Slowly I began this crusade, barely able to amble a mile, but as I revisited each step within the goal, with practice, I improved. Beginning with the shorter races I uncovered another goal, to run a full marathon, and within two years of my running career I ran the Chicago marathon. Bringing increased improvement to my health and well being, while building the strength and endurance to persevere. Pin It

Written goals are the simple steps for change; recording our path in discovery, these lists bring innovation, while helping us decide where to focus our energy. Starting with small steps to organize our daily lives, we begin building to the life changes we wish to see, and as we flourish, our lists expand.

Each step taught me to recognize the power within as it proved how revolutionary the first step can be. Using the life lessons as stepping-stones instead of walls reminded me there is nothing anchoring me, as I resolved to say yes to opportunities more often, I reached for another goal.

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Katherine Hurst
By Tina Zarlenga
Tina Zarlenga is married with two children, sharing stories of inspiration and hope, as well as her journey through grief with emotional essays of life on her website. While searching for a reason to go on after losing their five-year old son Ryan, she discovered that giving back could actually save her. She is enriched by the opportunity and growth that children can bring to our lives. She enjoys giving back with random acts of kindness.

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